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Vel’Koz Middle vs Ahri

Be careful about overstaying in lane.

Anivia Middle vs Ekko

Be really careful about being late to lane - it will cost you.

Yasuo Middle vs Syndra

Playing predicatively and with a predator’s mindset.

Vladimir Middle vs Lissandra

Improve your risk assessment and avoid putting yourself in situations where you are unlikely to survive.

Vladimir Middle vs Ekko

Problems with map awareness, warding, and trading

Lux Middle vs LeBlanc

Don’t waste your skillshots!

Morgana Middle vs Cho'Gath

Morgana's farming, itemization, team fighting, and is she building Athene's or Morellonomicon?

Viktor Middle vs Morgana

Don’t get antsy for kills – you can win a lane just as hard with a massive CS lead as you can with a kill lead.

Annie Middle vs Annie

Annie vs Annie

Malzahar Middle vs Viktor

Warding against enemy jungler, opportunities to dragon, and reasons to avoid team fights.


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