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Your early laning goes pretty well. You miss some free CS and some other minor mechanical errors, so there’s things to work on. But overall it goes fine. This is helped immensely by Ryze being possibly the worst Ryze I’ve ever seen. But you still play it well.

There’s some lane strategy decisions you can improve on, in terms of how effeciently you’re spending your team early on. You waste TP, miss an opportunity to freeze, spend some time just sitting in lane when you could be warding, stuff like that. I point them out in the video – individually they aren’t major deals, but they add up to a lot of room for improvement.

Later on, you don’t adjust your aggression level to respect the fact that Ryze has hit level 6. At level six, even though this guy is playing really poorly, Ryze can pump out enough lockdown and damage to obliterate just about anyone. Or, he can on 5.13 anyway – 5.14 is hitting soon with some nerfs to the blue boy so we’ll see how he is then. But regardless of the matchup, you have to recognize the changing dynamics of your lane. Playing a carry, you will often have an advantage over traditional top laners pre-6. That advantage will often evaporate after 6, unless you managed to get a massive lead. You have to change up your playstyle in recognition of that fact. You end up handing Ryze a lot of free gold because of this.

The biggest thing that swings this game against you, though, is that you camp out in top lane for most of it. You were the only member of your team that had a decisive advantage, you have a pretty strong mid game powerspike, and you have a knockup combo with Shyv ult waiting to happen. You beat Ryze hard enough that staying in top lane ends up being a big waste of time – you don’t want to just abandon the lane, but neither do you want to get stuck there. Your team needed you to roam down and even the odds for them, but since you stay in top lane kicking the dead horse that was Ryze, the other four enemies are able to build up enough strength that they eventually overwhelm you. I point out several specific examples in the video, and maybe you’ll notice a few more as you’re watching.

Transferring your lane victory into a map victory is vital, especially in games like this. It’s not guaranteed that you could have won this game by roaming; but it is guaranteed that you lost it by staying top. You worked hard on establishing an advantage in top lane – take that advantage mid and and bot and dragon and all the other things that are happening around the map. Don’t just win top – win the game.

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