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There’s quite a few problems with your early trading decisions that come down to not really having a plan for victory coming into the lane. You’re playing really reactively and opportunistically. You want to shift that to playing predicatively and with a predator’s mindset. You’re not going to just react, or mindlessly go aggressive just because you see a time when you can. You’re going to understand the matchup, have a variety of causes and effects in mind, and execute your strategy better than she executes hers. I talk about this in the video a lot using specific examples, so take a look.

You end up winning the lane, but that’s almost exclusively due to Syndra having a terrible game. I don’t mean to say that you played terribly, but if you were up against a Syndra that was actually playing well, you would have gotten destroyed.

In this game, it takes you roughly 37 years to cast your Windwall for the first time. Windwall is the skill that wins this matchup for you – use it! Block those balls! Stop her farm! Press W! JUST DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

There’s a lot of room for improvement in your Yas mechanics. Trading, moving, farming, combos – the works. Yas is a very mechanically intensive champion, and that’s maybe not your best option when you’re still trying to learn and get better at playing League and mid lane. But if you’re committed to playing Yas, you’ve got a lot of work to do tightening up your mechanics. I point out some specific examples in the video, and I’m sure you’ll see many more just watching the replay.

There’s a number of other things I point out that are worth thinking about in the video, but the biggest take away is shifting from playing reactively to playing proactively – from opportunist to predator. That’s the playstyle that great players have, and it’s something you’ll work on improving as long as you play League. But taking the first steps toward that now will really improve your win/loss ratio.

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