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Time opponent summoner’s spells. It’s critical information when you’re looking to trade – if your opponent has Flash, that’s the difference between you getting a kill and you letting him get away with a few health. So if you know he has Flash, you can look to force him to blow it while not overcommitting yourself. Same theory with TP. Knowledge is power, so when someone uses a big cooldown, type it into chat. Ideally, you want to time every opponent summoner and ultimate as consistently as possible.

You can improve on timing your aggression around Gnar’s transformations. You don’t need to kill him to win this lane – you just need to force him to respect you enough that he’s afraid to farm. Killing him is definitely a bonus, but if you can get a 40 or 50 CS lead out of lane phase that’s just as potent. When he goes Mega, give him some space unless he blows all his cooldowns. You can afford to let him have some free CS while he’s Mega – you’ll get right back into bullying him out as soon as he goes back to Mini. But if you try to stop him CSing while he’s Mega there’s a good chance he’ll be able to hurt you enough that you have to leave lane. And if you have to leave lane, you’ll give up a lot more CS overall than you do by letting him have a few for free while he’s Mega.


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