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Be really careful about being late to lane – it costs you a lot this game.

In this game, you seem to prioritize fighting Ekko over farming early. That’s a mistake, and it ends up costing you a great deal throughout the game. I explain in detail in the video, so I won’t rehash here, but basically: Anivia’s primary strengths are zone control, wave clear, and teamfight utility. Ekko’s primary strengths are dueling, assassinating, and high mobility. There isn’t a lot of overlap there. Depending on how Ekko builds he can also waveclear pretty effectively, but that’s kind of it. He’s an assassin, Anivia is a control mage. Anivia doesn’t want to fight, she wants to farm and shove and slowly crush the life out of you, and then stun/slow/burst you to death when you make a mistake.

In this game, you are trying to play Anivia as a duelist almost – you’re tunneling in on needing to “beat Ekko” but you’re not realizing that the most effective way you can beat Ekko is by just ignoring him unless he makes a mistake and hands something to you. Anivia is super frustrating to lane against as someone like Ekko because if she plays correctly, she’s very difficult to engage on, very difficult to kill, and you can never leave lane without giving up tons of CS because of how fast she waveclears and shoves the lane. Since Ekko likes to engage, kill, and roam, that makes her pretty irritating. But you don’t really flex those muscles this game, and instead opt to try to beat Ekko at his own game. And, predictably, he wins.

Because of all that, you come out of lane phase with 43 CS at 10 minutes. That’s abysmal. In this matchup, there’s no reason Anivia can’t come out with close to 90 CS. Maybe less if there’s a lot of jungle pressure. But between your ult, your ability to dirty farm razor beaks, the fact that it’s ranged vs. melee, and since Ekko has a pretty weak early game, you should easily be pushing 80+CS in a matchup like this.

To put that in context: Ekko ends lane phase with 49 CS and one kill. You end with 43 CS and 1 kill. That gives him a 120 gold lead on you, roughly. If you farm better and end lane with 75 CS, you’re now about 500 gold in the lead. That’s almost two kills worth of gold. Get it to 80, and it’s just like you got 3 kills in lane instead of 1. That will massively change the impact you have on the game coming out of lane phase.

There’s a number of things I point out and talk about in the video, but that’s your big takeaway. I don’t know how typical that CS number is in your games, but I’m willing to bet it’s not far from average. If you can get that number up, along with improving your warding habits, those things alone will likely get you to Silver. Here’s a guide that contains some pretty good drills you can use to improve your CS.

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