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  • Patch 5.15 1:03:41 Recorded Aug-21-2015
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Talking about champion pool size, trading efficiently against a difficult matchup, recall efficiency, overplaying your hand and giving back advantages, importance of vision control.

Meet Our Coach, HideousZ

Hideous Z has been playing League since Sona was released in 2010. Playing only casually at first, he began to seriously pursue mastery of the game in 2014, and began coaching in 2015. With over 3,000 hours in the game total, including over 1,500 games on Quinn alone, Hideous Z has put an immense amount of time into studying and playing the game, and has a unique talent for breaking down what he knows into easy-to-understand lessons for his students. He streams Monday-Wednesday, 6:30-10:30 PST. Follow Hideous Z on Twitch at and on Twitter at

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