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Your CS at 10 is pretty good – 77. It could be better – Ahri wasn’t pressuring you hardly at all, and with Vel’s kit hitting 80-90 CS at 10 isn’t out of reach in this game. After 10 minutes, though, it falls off really hard. That’s partially because you guys were behind, and it is hard to farm when behind. You end the game with 174 CS. So after getting 77 in the first ten minutes, you dropped to an average of 36 CS/10 for the rest of the game. Try to keep that number up as best you can.

Be careful about overstaying in lane – you wait way, way too long for your first recall, and that results in a lot of time spent in lane with just your starting items when you could have had much more powerful items. That leaves you unable to pressure Ahri, makes it harder to CS as minions get stronger, and overall you end up giving a lot of needless ground to your opponent.

Your vision game is really weak. I don’t think you bought any wards this game, and you never upgraded your trinket. Vision control is probably the single biggest factor in this loss – you guys almost never have good vision control of the map, and rarely have good vision set up in the areas you’re fighting in. Get your trinket upgraded at level 9. It is the single most gold efficient and powerful item in the game. It will win you more games than any other single purchase as long as you are using it consistently.

There’s a number of other things I point out throughout the video that are more situational, but should be helpful as you’re adjusting the way you think about the game.

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