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Consider running Ignite vs. Vlad if possible. It’s particularly effective against him.

Rushing BoRK is usually not optimal on Quinn. You usually want to go for an early mid-tier damage item like Brutalizer, Phage, or in this game, Hexdrinker. BoRK is a strong item on Quinn, but it doesn’t have much flat AD, and you do need some to keep up with most matchups. The defense that Hexdrinker offers vs. AP matchups is incredibly valuable as well.

You miss a few early opportunities to pick up kills with your ult. Every time that ability is up, you become the angel of death. Look for someone to murder. That powerspike at 6 is also why going an early damage item (Hexdrinker, Brut) is important, because you buy it at right about the time you get your ult, which is right when you want it.

Later on, you end up underestimating Vlad’s power level and give him some pretty free kills.

The biggest issue in this game is that you had almost zero impact on the map. You stayed top, you used TP mostly to get back to lane, and you only roamed once early on. This was a rough game, and it’s possible that it was unwinnable. But it’s hard to say – I talk about how it might have been different starting at about 25:30 in the video. Basically, if you are playing top more cleanly and pressuring Vlad harder early on, that draws map pressure up to you. Noc is ganking you instead of mid, and if you’re warding and playing with that in mind, those ganks will fail. That takes pressure off of Viktor, which means that Jayce doesn’t get such a monster lead. So now you’re further ahead, and Viktor is further ahead, Noc and Jayce don’t have as many kills, and suddenly the game is looking at lot more winnable. And that’s just from having a stronger lane phase in top. Add some roaming and teleport ganks in, and we’ve got a pretty good game on our hands.

Now, in this game, you were pretty far ahead until about 15 minutes in. So maybe Noc still camps mid, and the scenario described above doesn’t play out. But at 13 minutes in, you’re way, way ahead of Vlad. You have power that you can take to mid lane or bot lane that he doesn’t. With Brut, Cutlass, and your ult combo, you can make Jayce and Vayne’s lives nightmares during those crucial early mid-game minutes. But for the most part, you stay top, and your power advantage stays there with you. When you sent me this game, that was kind of your question – how to take the advantage you built up early game and use it to win the game before it snowballs out of control. Basically, your best shot was to start trying to join your team, assassinating Jayce/Vayne, and pushing objectives. You aren’t going to have much luck splitting against a Vlad – he shoves faster than you and after a certain point you won’t be able to effectively 1v1 him. But since you were ahead, you could go make an impact on mid and/or bot while he had to stay top. You probably do give up the outer and maybe the inner turret to him while you do that, but as long as you’re accomplishing at least that much or more elsewhere, that’s ok. Overall, this was gonna be a tough game to win, and there’s a chance it’s just not possible at your current skill level. Some games will end up like that, try not to sweat it too much. But you always want to have at least done everything you could have to swing things back in your favor, and in this game, that meant trying to roam sooner.

Some of this kind of stuff is hard to coach because it’s hard to give you an easy list of specific things to work on – map pressure, roaming, and drawing jungler attention are all very situational strategies that need to be executed differently each game. But it’s important to start thinking in those directions, and asking yourself how you can accomplish those things in your games. Hopefully with some of the examples from this lesson you’ll be able to get started there, and I’d love to look at another one of your games down the road to help you keep improving!

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