Udyr   Jungle

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  • Patch 5.1 1:16:24 Recorded Jan-12-2015
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In this video, we’ll cover optimal pathing, the importance of timing enemy summoner spells, utilizing an enemy’s kit to your advantage, ganking vs. base-and-buying, and runes and masteries for Udyr. Udyr is a diverse champion, able to go multiple styles. I also talk about cheese strategies.

Meet Our Coach, Veggiematic

Daniel "Veggiematic" Tan has been playing League of Legends since the release of Ezreal back in the day, where he accumulated the rank of Bronze. Since then, he has reached Gold in Season 2, Platinum in Season 3, and Diamond in Season 4 and 5. With nearly 5 years of experience in the game, as well as 2 years in the competitive scene, he is now ready to be a valuable coach. Links to support him are: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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