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Riven is a champion that is limited purely by mechanical skill. This game became a stomp based on Riven after a certain period of time. Starting from the beginning of the lane phase, Rumble is a tough matchup. To verify the things that I said, I went into a call with a few high ELO Riven players in order to get their input on trading and laning vs. a Rumble. In theory, Rumble should, in theory, pressure the lane for an extended period of time because Riven needs to utilize all of her abilities in order to get into melee range with Rumble, and Rumble can counteract with a Heat-empowered shield and harpoon to disengage against Riven. Unfortunately, that wasn’t shown in this video, so I can’t really talk about how the matchup goes because the skill level is unbalanced (plat 5 vs. Gold 5). Aside from pure mechanical skill, the combos are put through lots of practice with Riven, and of course this champion is affected by ping. Tiamat/Hydra before you use your W to cancel the animation.

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