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  • Patch 5.13 59:06 Recorded Aug-4-2015
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Coaching Shyvana in the jungle has its limitations, but in the early game, I talked about the importance of information checking because if I had a replay with a VoD, I’d have seen different aspects of vision that aren’t open to spectator point of view.

I discussed itemization of Randuin’s vs. Sunfire, as well as the importance of valuing a team-wide objective over counter-jungling the enemy jungler that doesn’t jungle as much because the enemy jungler has control over one side of the map due to their consistent pressure and early game dominance. This leads to a lot of wasted resources and commitment that results in two lost global objectives, and shows that score doesn’t mean anything. Mid lane was feeding? Who cares, what could you have done to make up for it? Gank bot, grab a tower (to give that mid laner some gold to stay in the game), or call for a roam mid with top and bot’s support, are some examples.

Other than that, devourer sated importance as well as devourer vs. cinderhulk. Flash also is not necessary on Shyvana, instead opt for teleport, exhaust, or ignite for more pressure.

Meet Our Coach, Veggiematic

Daniel "Veggiematic" Tan has been playing League of Legends since the release of Ezreal back in the day, where he accumulated the rank of Bronze. Since then, he has reached Gold in Season 2, Platinum in Season 3, and Diamond in Season 4 and 5. With nearly 5 years of experience in the game, as well as 2 years in the competitive scene, he is now ready to be a valuable coach. Links to support him are: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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