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  • Patch 5.12 39:19 Recorded Jun-15-2015
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You have a good knowledge of Shen’s general kit and what he brings to a teamfight. You do a fairly good job of target selection in teamfights and of using your ult. Your other lanes did well this game, so your job was fairly easy, but you still played well over all.

Your CS needs improvement – it isn’t awful, but it could be a lot stronger.

You can do a better job of thinking through this matchup and adapting your strategy to best take advantage of it. You know that Tryndamere is best when he can split push, and that to be an effective split pusher he needs to hit a certain item threshhold. Tryndamere doesn’t need to WIN lane to be able to do his job come lategame, but it sure helps. If Tryndamere is smart (and this one wasn’t really, but stick with me for the principle of the thing), he’ll become a split pushing force pretty much no matter how lane phase goes for him. So your job is to DELAY the time when he becomes unstoppable. In that way, Tryn is similar to Nasus.

As Shen, you probably aren’t going to be able to best delay him by killing him, especially early on. In this particular game, Tryndamere makes enough mistakes that you are able to kill him and force him out of lane, but a good Tryn won’t let you do that. So the best way to beat him is to outsmart him, and to manage the wave better than him. Freeze it in front of your turret, focus on farming, make him overextend to get the CS he needs, and then punish him when he goes to far. Taunt him under the turret, let your jungler know he’s overextended, etc.

A bit later on, you start pushing the lane harder, and that’s the right move, but you can do a better job of looking to impact the map. Don’t just split push to split push – look to time your split pushes so the pressure you’re creating in top lane is creating opportunities for your team in other places. Your main goal with splitting is not to get kills, or even to get objectives. Those are bonuses. Your main goal is to pressure objectives so that they enemy team has to come deal with you, which then creates an advantage for your team elsewhere on the map.

Overall, you played this game pretty well. But if your other lanes hadn’t also done well, and if Tryndamere had been better at his champion, things could have gone differently. Make sure you’re looking to maximize your map impact and thinking the lane and the end game through so you can adapt your strategy accordingly.

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