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There are a number of minor positioning and mechanical errors you make in lane that can significantly impact the outcome of the lane. By themselves they’re not big, but they add up to a lot.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video was an overall lane positioning strategy. For most matchups, especially ones that have targeted abilities like Ryze, you want to maintain control of the brush side of the lane. Two reasons: You can use the brush to dodge in and out, and avoid his autoattacks and abilities in a trade; also, maintaining position on the brush side of the lane will tend to force Ryze toward the river side of the lane. If he’s on the river side, he’s more vulnerable to ganks, and he KNOWS he’s more vulnerable to ganks, which puts a certain amount of psychological pressure onto him.

A number of times in lane, you go in for a trade when you shouldn’t, or don’t respond appropriately to him going in for a trade. It’s pretty rare that you’ll be able to successfully trade against someone like Ryze. First of all, he’s ranged, so he can hit you as you close with him, and he can hit you as you fall back. Plus, he’s got an incredibly reliable root that can keep you from closing with him at all. So unless he makes a big positioning mistake, or unless you get to a point where you’re confident you can chase him down and kill him, look to avoid trades. Use spirit fire to harass, use your wither defensively, and focus on farming until Ryze screws up.

Ryze didn’t play this lane very well, and he didn’t do much to give you a hard time. Someone that’s more comfortable on the champion, or just better at top lane in general, would have made this lane a nightmare for you.

On the whole, you play the lane pretty well. You clearly have the right general ideas about what you need to do, when you’re strong, and how to win games as Nasus. So there aren’t any major red flag problems that I’m noticing (maybe a Nasus main would have more to say here, but I’m speaking in terms of the game in general) – it’s a lot of details and specifics that can be improved.

After lane phase, things go pretty smoothly overall. See the video for specific points.

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