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  • Patch 5.12 00:00 Recorded Jul-22-2015
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In this video, we talk about the importance of itemization on Jinx, as well as resources (potions namely) and how important they are to an ADC early. Positioning and control in team fights is more difficult to coach unless I get a Point-of-view video from the player, because I can see their mouse clicks which are a huge factor in how a player plays ADC well, and can separate the good ADCs from the great ADCs (also other outside factors, ping, computer, etc.).

Meet Our Coach, Veggiematic

Daniel "Veggiematic" Tan has been playing League of Legends since the release of Ezreal back in the day, where he accumulated the rank of Bronze. Since then, he has reached Gold in Season 2, Platinum in Season 3, and Diamond in Season 4 and 5. With nearly 5 years of experience in the game, as well as 2 years in the competitive scene, he is now ready to be a valuable coach. Links to support him are: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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