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Overall, you have a strong understanding of Annie as a champion, and are able to use that to punish the mistakes your opponents make to snowball out of lane phase.

We talked about this quite a bit in the lesson, but the biggest adjustment you’ll need to make as you climb is increasing the intelligence of your play. As your opponents get better and smarter, they’ll stop making as many dumb mistakes – and might even start trying to bait you in with what appears to be dumb mistakes. You need to start hedging your bets with vision and wave management, both in lane and throughout the game, so you’re not relying on your lane opponent to be bad for you to do well.

For example: A smart opponent will simply stop putting themselves in your threat range once you’ve demonstrated you can kill them. They’ll play super conservative and wait for you to overextend, or wait for jungle assistance, or simply wait for the other two lanes to wrap up so they can roam mid and end your lane phase. You won’t be able to get a lot of kills in a lane like that, and you have to know how to adjust your strategy to compensate.

Throughout the video, you make decisions I would describe as “gambling.” You don’t know where the enemy jungler is, but you gamble that he’s not nearby and go deep for an aggressive play. In this game, it works out most of the time. But as you climb, your success rate with plays like that will plummet. Instead of gambling, you need to know. You need to shift your mindset into that of a predator – you assess, plan, prepare, and execute, relying on luck as little as humanly possible. That way, you’re not relying on your enemies to be bad and/or your teammates to be good to have consistent success in your games.

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