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CS is your major issue in this game – there’s some problems with map awareness, warding, and trading, but if you just improve your CS your performance in games will go way, way up.

Be careful about overstaying in lane – you want to always try to have the maximum presence in lane possible. The longer you stay in lane with just your starting items, the less effective you’ll be. You’ll lose trades you could have won, you’ll give up CS you could have gotten, and you’ll die in fights you could have lived.

There’s a few moments in game where you flutter back and forth between possible actions. About 20 minutes into the video is one example where I specifically point it out. Always try to take decisive action – even if it turns out to be the wrong move in hindsight, it’s better than wasting time trying to decide what to do.

Avoid chasing kills for longer than a few seconds as a rule of thumb. The longer you chase an enemy, the more you’re giving up in return (lane pressure, objectives, time could you could be spending getting an item or establishing vision control somewhere), and eventually you’re giving up way more than you get. 24:20 minutes into the video is a good example of this.

What eventually loses you the game, though, is lack of vision control and your inability to stop Rengar from murdering your backline. There’s a variety of other specific issues I point out in the video, but those are the big ones.

Here’s a couple of rules for vision control – try and predict where the action is going to be focused over the next few minutes of the game, and carpet bomb that area with wards. Is Dragon up? Ward the crap out of it. Are all your outer turrets down, Dragon is down, but Baron is up? Light up your blue jungle. Are all of their lane turrets down and you have a big wave pushing top? Get 87 wards up in their topside jungle (or as close to 87 as possible). That way you have the map prepared for the action to come, and you limit the possibility of losing a fight due to poor vision. On the flipside of that rule: If you don’t have vision control of a contested area, do not go there. Give up Dragon. Give up Baron. Let them have your buffs. Do not chase them, even if it looks like a free kill. Simply do not do it. This will prevent you from falling into traps, and encourage you to be more proactive about wards.

Almost every time a fight breaks out, Rengar stealths in and deletes Jinx. In spite of that, you guys act surprised every time he shows up – just seeing Rengar in the game should prepare you for this. If not, then the first time he sneaks in and blows somebody up should. You need to be talking with your team about this, setting up pinks, and holding off on committing to fights until Rengar is handled. Fake an engage and immediately fall back to try and bait Rengar in prematurely. Set up pink wards in an area you think a fight will happen to keep him from approaching unobserved. Etc.

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