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  • Patch 5.12 51:53 Recorded Jul-20-2015
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During lane phase, you miss a lot of opportunities to pressure Graves – your focus on farm is good, but you have a lot of windows to harass, trade with, and even kill Graves that you fail to recognize and capitalize on. There’s also opportunities to improve your positioning, mechanics, and wave control. It all adds up to a poor laning phase – if you can improve in those areas, this will be an easy lane to win, which will translate into a much more impactful mid and late game.

Your itemization is also a little wonky – try to focus on finishing major items instead of buying components of several. Exceptions can be Vamp Sceptor and sometimes Avarice Blade – other than that, if you buy a BF Sword, finish the IE. If you buy a Recurve Bow, finish the Hurricane.

Late game, a lot of your problems come down to a lack of good vision and not patiently waiting for good teamfights. Don’t chase and fight in the jungle when you could wait 10 seconds and fight under your own turret. If you’re behind, you must make it a priority to establish vision control in your jungles so you can catch enemies out, and avoid getting caught out yourself.

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