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Ahri Middle vs Akali

Prioritizing farm, CS, and objectives.

Wukong Middle vs Diana

Wukong is a versatile champion that can be played in every ELO.

Morgana Middle vs Heimerdinger

Utilizing the utility and defensive aspects of Morgana

Brand Middle vs Irelia

Champion pool size, trading efficiently against a difficult matchup, and recall efficiency.

Annie Middle vs Nidalee

Hedging your bets with vision and wave management, both in lane and throughout the game.

Azir Middle vs Lux

Lack of map awareness and farming mechanics.

Ahri Middle vs Vel’Koz

Look to position more aggressively in this matchup so you’re in position to take advantage of your 1v1 strengths.

Urgot Middle vs Azir

Early game, late game map awareness, and more.


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