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Your deaths average is extremely high. That’s probably your biggest issue – you need to improve your risk assessment and avoid putting yourself in situations where you are unlikely to survive. I point out some situations in this game where you give up a free kill – if you can eliminate those problems, the power differential shifts powerfully into your favor.

Set a goal for yourself to have no more than one death per game, and discipline yourself to meet that goal. Don’t chase risky kills, don’t go for a trade or all-in unless you’re 100 percent certain it will go in your favor. Invest heavily in vision, avoid overextending, avoid following teammates into unfavorable situations. Etc. etc. Get that deaths average down below 5, and you’ll see your overall performance rise.

You also get overeager in several places to get the kill, and end up overextending or wasting important cooldowns when the odds of actually getting a kill are pretty low. This goes a long way toward reducing your overall effectiveness in this game. See 8:26 in the video for an example of this.

Your CS at 10 is 63. In this matchup, that’s pretty poor. Vlad is hard to farm with early, but by 10 minutes you should be well over 70 CS. 70 is your bare minimum. 80 is a good target to aim for. Check out this CSing guide for some drills that might help you.

There’s a number of other things I point out in the video that are worth keeping in mind – give it a watch!

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