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  • Patch 5.12 1:01:16 Recorded Jul-22-2015
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he main problems you run into this game come down to lack of map awareness and farming mechanics on Azir.

I point out several examples in the video of map awareness issues and how you can work to improve your map awareness, but the single biggest tool is wards. You didn’t buy any wards during lane phase, and that’s a big problem. You do use your trinket ward, which is good, but that’s almost never going to be enough. When bot turret went down, you didn’t adjust your play at all and end up getting caught out more than once by several people in mid.

Your CS mechanics on Azir need work. He’s a difficult champion to master, so it’s not surprising you’re struggling with this – keep practicing.

I’m not sure why you guys surrendered this game. You were definitely behind, but it was far from over. I talk a bit about why I think it was still winnable in the video.

Finally, I talk for a while at the end of the video about champion pools and role selection. What you do with this advice is completely up to you, and has a lot to do with what your long term goals are for League. If you’re wanting to climb and get better at the game, I’d encourage you to avoid high skill cap champs like Rengar, Zed, and Azir, and stick to simpler, but still powerful, champs like Kayle, Blitz, and Annie. I go in depth on why in the video – check it out and give it some thought.

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