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Shen is a champion that takes a lot of map awareness and control to be dominant. IN this matchup, the player is laning against a Vladimir. Vladimir usually pressures hard when Shen leaves lane through the use of his ultimate or teleport.

When playing Shen in the top lane, a good enemy top laner will punish by split pushing top hard with wave clear control (hence why Vladimir can pressure Shen if Shen leaves). The next thing that you note is how Shen can pressure Vladimir back. Aside from calling for a gank, all-inning during the early game (IE level 1 or 2) can present dominance against Vladimir. Dyrus has shown this in an older video where he skills taunt and pressures Vladimir.

This player’s issues doesn’t arise too much from the laning phase, but more of the constant spam of the taunt when it was unnecessary. At the same time, the ultimate is used better as a “save me” tool, rather than an initiation tool. Does the Volibear truly need a shield? Is he fine without it? Then dont shield. Also, itemization. Split pushing vs. Front liner style. Visage because increased healing during laning, and Blade of the Ruined King if you are hard split pushing and dueling (sort of good vs. Vladimir).


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