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You have a bad habit of attacking from the brush. Using the brush to dodge aggro and prevent retaliation is smart, but you have to pop in and out of the brush to do it effectively – if you just attack from the brush, you lose all the advantages that brush gives you for several seconds.

I’d suggest always starting Doran’s when you play ADC. There’s only a very few circumstances where going another item makes sense, and until you’re good enough at the game to really understand what those situations are and why breaking the “rule” of going Doran’s is a good idea, just stick to Doran’s. It’s an incredibly strong early item.

There are a number of trades and situations in lane phase that could have been played a lot better. See the video for specific examples. There’s enough of these to talk about that I don’t end up spending a great deal of time looking at the late game – if you can address and improve on the issues identified in your laning phase, this game could have looked very different, because you would have moved into mid game with a great deal more power.

Toward the end of the game, there are a number of really poor decisions that you and your team make that just about lose the game for you (and would have lost the game for you if Vayne hadn’t disconnected). Your vision control around your base is generally poor, and at one point four of you chase Cait and Thresh most of the way back to their base while leaving your own almost completely unprotected (I talk about this starting at 40:45 in the video). The only reason that decision doesn’t cost you the game is because Vayne disconnects. I talk about the specifics of why that was a bad decision in the video and what could have been done better, so give it a look. The general rule to keep in mind, though, is to play defensively when behind. Chasing the enemy out of your base is often the exact thing the enemy wants you to do. If you find yourself behind in a game like this, turtle. Get wards up, and force the enemy team to fight on your terms, under your turrets. Create a situation that has the greatest chance of causing them to throw.

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