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In this game, your lane phase ends up being really poor. Because of that, I don’t end up spending too much time talking about the mid and late game. Lane phase is foundation to the rest of the game – if you’re not playing it correctly, it affects how everything else goes. It’s not impossible to come back from a bad lane phase, certainly, but it makes more sense to start there when you want to improve your overall play.

Here’s the main issues with lane phase (all of these I talk extensively about in the video, so check that out)

-You play super passively, and only rarely look to trade with your opponent. This results in you being bullied constantly, and gives Sivir a dominating CS lead.

-You get to lane late, and then don’t really look to push for level 2 early on.

-Your positioning is consistently poor, largely because it doesn’t seem like you have thought through the strengths of their matchups vs yours.

-You and Thresh are completely un-synced. Not always something you can control, but it doesn’t seem like you’re looking to follow up or back up his moves very often.

-You aren’t really contributing to vision control. This remains an issue throughout the game.

Check out the video for more info on those points.

It also seems like you and Thresh get into a verbal spat. I can’t say that for sure, because I can’t see chat. It definitely looked like Thresh was spending a fair amount of time typing, and you may have been as well. If you were, STOP. Nothing will send a game to the defeat banner faster than getting into an argument in lane phase. It sets every single person on your team on edge. If Thresh starts whining, mute him and stay focused. Responding only lowers your chances of winning.

Later in the game, your team’s lack of vision control becomes a problem, and it’s one that you don’t do much to help with. In addition, you guys pick some pretty questionable fights. For you personally, your positioning needs to be more defensive – you need to anticipate what the enemy team brings to a teamfight (in this case, lots of dive) and make sure you are positioned to defend against it as best you can. That means sticking with Thresh, hanging back until a fight has started before joining in, and over all shifting your priority from getting kills to staying alive.

One other point that I didn’t end up talking about in the video – your champion pool is kind of weird. First of all, you’ve played over 50 champions in ranked. That’s way, way, way too many. You need to tighten down the number of champions you play in ranked. If you’re playing that many because you’re getting bored with your main champs, than that’s an attitude problem that will absolutely hold you back. Pushing through boredom is part of getting good at something, whether it’s League or art or math or anything. If you’re playing that many because you haven’t really decided what you want to main, then stop playing ranked until you decide.

Some people talk about being a “fill” main, and how you can only really call yourself a master of the game if you can “fill” at a high level. And there’s definitely truth to that. But most people do not have the time and resources to be a “fill” main. That kind of thing takes playing consistently for hours and hours a day. If League is your job, that’s great. But for most, you’re much better off picking a main role and a backup role and focusing your efforts there.

For someone with almost 400 games this season, I would want to see your top 3 most played champions with 80-100 games each, and the rest of the games split between your next 3 most played.

For you, I’d recommend sticking with jungle, and consider dropping Master Yi. Of your most played champions, he has your worst win rate. You seem to be having a great deal more success on Kayle and Warwick – double down on those champs.

So – make jungle your main role, with Warwick and Kayle as your main junglers. Make ADC your backup role with Jinx and Trist as your champs there. And have one champion you can play top, mid and support with if you have to. I’d suggest Morgana, as she can play all three of those roles just fine, and you already have some experience on her. If you have an urge to play another champion, do it in normals.

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