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Urgot Middle vs Azir

Early game, late game map awareness, and more.

Shen Top vs Vladimir

Shen is a champion that takes a lot of map awareness and control to be dominant.

Nasus Top vs Ryze

Minor positioning and mechanical errors by themselves they’re not big, but they add up to a lot.

Vladimir Middle vs Lissandra

Improve your risk assessment and avoid putting yourself in situations where you are unlikely to survive.

Lee Sin Top vs Tryndamere

Lee has a pretty crazy strong early game

Thresh Support vs Leona

In lane, look to push for level 2 early. This is massively important in any game with any duo.

Jinx AD Carry vs Sivir

Lane phase is foundation to the rest of the game – if you’re not playing it correctly, it affects how everything else goes.

Lucian AD Carry vs Draven

In lane, you play very passive. You don’t let yourself get bullied or pushed out, which is good, but you don’t really do much to pressure your opponents, either.

Anivia Support vs Braum

Anivia is a combo mage based on landing and combining her skills onto a single enemy.

Varus Top vs Ashe

Talking about prioritizing objectives and CS, optimizing trading in lane, and map awareness.

Sivir AD Carry vs Tristana

Capitalizing on level 2 and picking smart fights.

Brand Middle vs Irelia

Champion pool size, trading efficiently against a difficult matchup, and recall efficiency.

Ahri Middle vs Akali

Prioritizing farm, CS, and objectives.

Wukong Top vs Karthus

Wukong is really good in low ELO, but you need to learn how to utilize him in team fights.

Shyvana Jungle vs Rek'Sai

Itemization of Randuin's vs. Sunfire, as well as the importance of valuing a team-wide objective over counter-jungling.

Jinx AD Carry vs Caitlyn

Aside from getting carried, you can see how important the laning phase and freezing can be for ADC players.

Sivir AD Carry vs Graves

Focus of the lesson is on exerting more pressure in lane, looking for effective trades and positioning so that you can take advantage of enemy mistakes.

Jinx AD Carry vs Corki

The importance of itemization on Jinx, as well as resources (potions namely) and how important they are to an ADC early.

Riven Top vs Rumble

Aside from pure mechanical skill, the combos are put through lots of practice with Riven.

Yasuo Top vs Ryze

Lane strategy decisions to improve on, in terms of how efficiently you’re spending your team early on.

Ahri Middle vs Vel’Koz

Look to position more aggressively in this matchup so you’re in position to take advantage of your 1v1 strengths.

Annie Middle vs Nidalee

Hedging your bets with vision and wave management, both in lane and throughout the game.

Garen Top vs Yorick

Prioritizing harass over CS is never a good idea.

Anivia Middle vs Ekko

Be really careful about being late to lane - it will cost you.

Yasuo Middle vs Syndra

Playing predicatively and with a predator’s mindset.

Quinn Top vs Vladimir

Map pressure, roaming, and drawing jungler attention are all very situational strategies that need to be executed differently.

Wukong Top vs Gangplank

Better split pushing.

Tristana AD Carry vs Vayne

Using the brush to dodge aggro and prevent retaliation.

Ashe AD Carry vs Vayne

Fully think through situations before committing to them.

Azir Middle vs Lux

Lack of map awareness and farming mechanics.

Tristana AD Carry vs Vayne

When your back is against the wall, your pure mechanical ability is saves your life.

Quinn Top vs Hecarim

Adjust your strategy as the game progresses.

Kalista AD Carry vs Graves

You have a lot of windows to harass, trade with, and even kill.

Vladimir Middle vs Ekko

Problems with map awareness, warding, and trading

Vel’Koz Middle vs Ahri

Be careful about overstaying in lane.

Trundle Top vs Jax

How top lane is played, capitalizing on the kit of your champion.

Vayne AD Carry vs Kalista

Playing Vayne in the laning phase.

Diana Jungle vs Fizz

The importance of choosing a jungle route, as well as the importance of not being a selfish jungler.

Wukong Middle vs Diana

Wukong is a versatile champion that can be played in every ELO.

Viktor Middle vs Morgana

Don’t get antsy for kills – you can win a lane just as hard with a massive CS lead as you can with a kill lead.

Ezreal AD Carry vs Ezreal

The other team punished this player. Lets see what we can learn.

Morgana Middle vs Heimerdinger

Utilizing the utility and defensive aspects of Morgana

Irelia Top vs Gnar

Time opponent summoner's spells. It’s critical information when you’re looking to trade.

Sion Top vs Riven

Sion's kit is unreliable in terms of hitting abilities, but they synergize well with each other to result in incredible sustained damage.

Vayne AD Carry vs Jinx

the importance of positioning, standing under tower, knowing the opponent's kit, punishing mistakes, and safe farming.

Lux Middle vs LeBlanc

Don’t waste your skillshots!

Morgana Middle vs Cho'Gath

Morgana's farming, itemization, team fighting, and is she building Athene's or Morellonomicon?

Shen Top vs Tryndamere

Do a better job of thinking through this matchup and adapting your strategy to best take advantage of it.

Miss Fortune AD Carry vs Lulu

Farming, freezing the lane, using the jungle to her advantage, and relying on your team.

Graves AD Carry vs Graves

#7 challenger player BillyBoss coaches Skinny Snorlax on the ADC role, and reviews portions of one of my Graves games.

Irelia Top vs Jax

Irelia top plays far too passively.

Annie Middle vs Annie

Annie vs Annie

Malzahar Middle vs Viktor

Warding against enemy jungler, opportunities to dragon, and reasons to avoid team fights.

Vayne AD Carry vs Jinx

Basic kiting and item builds and discussions of the unpredictability due to Vayne's kit.

Kayle Top vs Gnar

We cover enemy movements with passivity vs aggression and knowing when to avoid a ganks.

Udyr Jungle vs Kha'Zix

Looking at optimal pathing, the importance of timing enemy summoner spells and more.

Wukong Top vs Swain

Efficient trading against minions, reasons to push lane and apply pressure, and Wukong's team fight tactics.

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