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You need to improve your CS. At 13 minutes, you had about 40. LeBlanc was pressuring, but honestly not that hard, and as Lux you have the ability to farm from a safe range even if LB was bullying you harder. If you can get your CS up to 60 or 70 at 10 minutes, you’ll start seeing yourself pull way ahead of your average lane opponent in Bronze. That applies to Mid, Top, and ADC.

Here’s a pretty solid set of practice drills you can do to improve your CS.

Map awareness is another weak spot. Avoid looking at other places on the map for more than a second or two, especially when moving through the fog of war. Get into the habit of glancing at the minimap every couple of seconds, especially during the times when the jungler has finished clearing buffs and is looking for a gank (usually between 3:00 and 4:30, and 8:00-10:00).

Don’t waste your skillshots! Remember Dirty Harry – you never want your opponent to know if you still have bullets in your gun or not. Hold onto them until you can be as sure as possible they’ll do exactly what you want them to do. For example: don’t just throw out a Q because you’re pretty sure it can hit. Throw it out if you’re pretty sure it’ll hit AND you have your E or R ready to follow up. Don’t just use your E to farm – use to to farm AND zone out your opponent by positioning it carefully. And so on. Those cooldowns are your bullets, don’t waste ’em before you really need ’em.

As you’re working on those mechanics, work on trying to anticipate your lane opponent. This will be a skill you’ll work on for as long as you play the game. It involves understanding the champion they’re playing, having a feel for relative power levels, thinking through what objective they are likely trying to achieve, and so on. In this game, being more aware of LeBlanc’s powerspike at level 6 could have led to you getting a kill instead of being forced out of lane.

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