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  • Patch 5.14 54:24 Recorded Aug-21-2015
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In lane, you play very passive. You don’t let yourself get bullied or pushed out, which is good, but you don’t really do much to pressure your opponents, either.

You delay recalling way, way too long. I talk a lot about why this is bad in the video. Basically, if you can afford an item that will allow you to pressure your opponent out of lane or even kill him, why would you put off buying it?

But the biggest problem in lane, and that ends up costing you the game, is vision control. You and Leona are constantly pushing the wave past river and to the enemy turret without any vision of tribush or the river. If Lee was any good, he would have made you pay dearly for that. Throughout the game, the enemy team consistently has excellent vision control of your jungles, and you guys end up wandering into fights where they have all the intel and you have almost none.

Get that trinket upgraded, buy yourself some pinks. Do your best to have three greens and a pink down on the map at all times. The power of vision cannot be underestimated. Would a general send troops into a battle without first sending out scouts to see where the enemy is? Of course not. But that’s basically what you’re doing this entire game. It reduces your chances of winning to a simple dice roll. You flip a coin to see who’s going to mess up less, and that team wins. Vision control allows you to reduce the degree to which you’re relying on dumb luck to win your games.

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